Yvette Puliga: Your Compass in Midlife Transformation

Embracing Life's Changes with Style and Substance

Are you a professional midlife woman seeking to rediscover and redefine yourself following pivotal life changes?


Welcome, I'm Yvette Puliga, your dedicated Transformation Consultant. I specialise in empowering women just like you.


My approach is grounded in extensive experience and comprehensive studies in health, wellness, and the psychology of self.

‘Empowering women like you is not just my profession it's my passion’

Transforming Midlife Challenges into Opportunities

As an experienced Transformation Consultant and Image Consultant, I, am here to guide you through this transformative phase with empathy, understanding, and a holistic approach to your well-being, career, and relationships.

Client Success Story

"After years of struggling with weight and related health issues, I felt trapped and saw surgery as my only escape. Working with Yvette opened my eyes to the emotional foundations of my challenges. Her empathetic yet straightforward guidance led me to a journey of self-realization and empowerment. I'm not just healthier now; I'm living a life true to myself."

– A Transformative Journey

Empathetic Understanding: Navigating Midlife with Compassion

Understanding the emotional and psychological aspects of midlife transitions is at the heart of my approach. Whether it's dealing with body image changes, redefining career paths, or adapting to evolving relationships, I offer a compassionate and informed perspective to support you in navigating these challenges.

Image Consultancy: Reflecting Your Inner Growth

Your image is more than your appearance; it's a reflection of your journey. As your Image Consultant, I ensure your external style resonates with your evolving inner self, blending fashion with emotional well-being. This approach empowers you to confidently present the best version of yourself – vibrant, congruent, and stylish.

Your New Chapter Awaits

Ready to transform your life from the inside out? I'm here to guide you through this exciting journey of personal growth and style.


Let's connect and explore how working with me can propel you to new heights. Feel free to reach out for a complimentary consultation.


Together, let's take the first step toward your success!

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